Saturday, January 07, 2012

Episode 221 Dracaena Fragrans

Can you see the flower bud?

I purchased this Dracaena Fragrans for Gogo a few years ago in the flower market. In Hong Kong it is called Brazilian Iron Tree.

It was then just a segment of stem - cutting out from the stem of a large Dracaena Fragrans tree - with a few leaf buds only and had no root at all. Gogo wished to keep it so we bought it home.

We first kept it in a vase with some water. The plant grew larger with leaves and roots developed. We then transferred it to the soil.

It appears to be rare and unusual for a Dracaena Fragrans flowers in winter.


jnnfr said...

I just notice that my Dracaena had this king of flower, it looks like your first picture. I'm surprised, it is the very first time I see that. I leave in Canada, and we are on the middle of winter!
How is your plant doing now?

John said...

My plant flowered for 2 consecutive years. The weather is cooler this year in Hong Kong, there is no sign of flower bud yet.